PointGuard Assurance

PointGuard Assurance is a monthly report based on customized algorithms and KPIs, that measures and monitors building drift after retro-commissioning with PointGuard

Who is it for

Monitoring mode for high performing buildings

For teams that have already used PointGuard RCx, Pro, or Pro+ to retro-commission their buildings and want to manage and monitor building drift, Assurance can be deployed to keep up high performance levels and avoid building drift.

The Result

Software that maintains profit

Assurance that both the high performance and deep savings you discovered in your building with the PointGuard Platform will last as long as you own your building or portfolio

Key benefits to your team

Monitoring to keep your hard work going


Monitoring of potential cyber risks in control systems


Monthly functional testing of HVAC equipment


Ongoing use of customized KPIs


Monthly energy and asset benchmarking


Monitoring compliance with ASHRAE standards for airflow hygiene


Monthly, AI-based suggestions based on your team's priorities


Monthly customized reports

Key features

Monthly assurance your building is performing

  • The PointGuard Process for onboarding, data scrubbing, assisted tagging, and tuning the software to your building
  • Monthly report featuring KPIs and insights in to Asset Health, Comfort and Airflow Hygiene
  • Control system config file analysis
  • Functional testing of mechanical equipment
  • Optimal start-stop analysis
  • Energy analytics and benchmarking
  • Building performance benchmarking
  • Automated, custom rules based suggestions for optimization