Uncover & Fix Issues Before They Become Occupant Complaints

Battletested with proven customers.

“It’s nice going into a tenant space to proactively address an
issue your service discovered. It happily surprises them to hear
we cared enough to come fix something they hadn’t
complained about... yet!”

- Bryan Moses, Chief Engineer, Colliers International

We are flexible, customizable and scalable with
integrated reporting. Just ask our customers.

We typically work with Senior Engineers and Directors of energy management who tell us they are concerned with controlling energy and maintenance costs of their portfolios, frustrated with the lack of transparency in capital replacement for those systems, worried about the declining talent & training available in the FM industry, and now at a loss to how to manage HVAC systems so they don’t put occupants at risk to viruses.

You Need PointGuard If...

The PointGuard platform is built to be foolproof no matter the expertise of the team using it or the complexity of the data fed into it, you'll see the results you want with the Facility Profit Process™.

Everyone benefits

From the basement to the boardroom, we serve all facility and
executive teams.

Property Manager

Reduce tenant complaints and save time on the ground.

Asset Manager

Reduce operating costs and extend asset life while seeing quick payback.

Corporate Real Estate Manager

Reduce operating costs and capital expenditures while simplifying sustainability reporting.

Energy Manager

Turbo-charge your monitoring-based commissioning business with analytics.

Facility Manager

Leverage local knowledge and have the software walk the building with you.

Construction and Design

Maximize warranty-phase value by identifying potential issues before they become a major problem.

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