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PointGuard Software can enhance your business model

Adding the PointGuard software in your facility service offering helps you on an enterprise level and your clients on a building level.

Everyone benefits

From the basement to the boardroom, we serve all facility and executive teams.


Get more automation in your organization and improve outcomes for clients.


Offer a new and wider variety of services - easily.


Provide the ability to monitor and engage with buildings remotely to reduce engineer site visits.


Support your firm's service delivery with deeper insights into energy inefficiencies with real-time data.


Provide preventative and predictive maintenance schedules and deploy services based on need and change in equipment condition.


Gain a single-pane-of-glass view into all connected buildings with a variety of portfolio and building level reports and dashboards.

Facility Teams

The PointGuard platform is built to be foolproof no matter the expertise of the team using it or the complexity of the data fed into it, you'll see the results you want with the Facility Profit Process™.

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