Work smarter with the right fit for your
team and your buildings

Your introduction to PointGuard
Get confidence that savings opportunities exist in your portfolio

PointGuard Snapshot

What You get
a report based on 30 days of building data that reveals the available opportunity for a full deployment of analytics
Useful For
FM teams and owners who are curious about the impact BMS analytics could have on a specific building or across a portfolio
  • Get confidence that an opportunity exists for data analytics in your portfolio
  • Benchmarking KPIs for Comfort, Asset Health, and Energy
  • One actionable insight into a building issue
  • Predicted 1st year energy savings
  • Alternative to a pilot
  • Provides detail on the savings potential
  • Proof-of-concept to highlight the need for an analytics solution
  • Monthly building insights and understanding
    Get an understanding of building performance and building optimization over time

    PointGuard Insights

    What You get
    a monthly report that puts detailed building performance data, benchmarking, and insights at your fingertips
    Useful For
    FM teams, owners, asset managers, and property managers who want an introduction to analytics but are not sure where to start. Or teams who want to measure building performance improvement over time.
  • Monthly report featuring KPIs
  • Insights into Asset Health, Comfort, and Airflow Hygiene
  • Energy analytics and benchmarking
  • Building performance benchmarking
  • Monthly automated, rules-based suggestion for optimization
  • Quick and easy optimization
  • Reach ASHRAE compliance
  • Customize reports for your team’s needs
  • Find, evaluate, prioritize, and remediate building faults
  • Deploy machine learning diagnostics
  • PointGuard Healthcheck

    What You get
    a monthly report that identifies compliance (or non-compliance) with ASHRAE targets for healthy buildings
    Useful For
    Facility teams with occupants wanting to re-enter their space but concerned about air hygiene and health.
  • KPIs for humidity, fresh air exchange, and air turnover rates
  • Airside economizer analysis
  • Energy impact analysis
  • Zone and floor level analysis
  • Integration with existing IAQ sensors
  • Understand building or portfolio level airflow hygiene
  • Provide data-backed information to stakeholders
  • Measure improvement over time
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Software that doesn’t overwhelm you
    Get deep savings with retro-commissioning software

    PointGuard RCx

    What You get
    an analytics software with advanced features and algorithms, based on SkyFoundry’s SkySpark trend data analysis.
    Useful For
    Facility Teams or Consulting Engineers who:
  • manage commissioning projects across different control systems
  • want to use SkySpark, but do not want the hassle of programming
  • have limited time to analyze building data
  • Remote monitoring
  • SkySpark trend data
  • Mobile and email notifications
  • Standard KPI package
  • Find and sustain all available savings
  • Scale commissioning services
  • Extend asset life
  • Find, evaluate, prioritize, and remediate building faults
  • Measure and monitor specific remediations
  • PointGuard Pro

    What You get
    an advanced analytics software that focuses on mechanical asset retro-commissioning, optimization, and continuous monitoring
    Useful For
    Skilled engineers who don’t have enough time or junior staff to keep up with necessary work and facility teams who want to retro-commission one building or an entire portfolio quickly and easily.
  • All the features of RCx, and
  • Quick profit tools
  • Optimization tools
  • Advanced algorithm and KPI package
  • Critical equipment analysis
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized dashboard
  • All the benefits of RCx, and
  • Find deep savings from retro-commissioning
  • Continuously monitor BMS for persistent savings
  • Data justify budget decisions
  • Visualizations that guide your data interpretation to diagnosis
  • PointGuard Pro+

    What You get
    an advanced analytics software that focuses on mechanical asset retro commissioning, zone level comfort tuning, and ASHRAE compliant airflow hygiene.
    Useful For
    Experienced engineers who want to use analytics to complement their work, and facility teams with too many tenant comfort complaints or concerns about building health and hygiene.
  • All the features of Pro, and
  • Comfort algorithms and KPI package
  • Comfort Tools
  • Airflow hygiene algorithms and KPI package
  • Airflow hygiene dashboard
  • Algorithm customization
  • All the benefits of Pro, and
  • Tune and optimize comfort delivery
  • Track and tune humidity levels and air filtration
  • Data justify budget decisions
  • Integrate with smart building sensors
  • PointGuard Enterprise

    What You get
    an advanced analytics software integrated with additional smart building platforms
    Useful For
    Sophisticated teams and portfolios seeking additional integration of smart building platforms to help achieve high performance and savings levels, and to maintain them
  • All the features of Pro+, and
  • Integrated dashboard for disparate systems and sensors
  • Tools to track specific ROI on implemented changes
  • Algorithm customization
  • Custom KPIs
  • All the benefits of Pro+, and
  • Customized algorithms and rules
  • Integration of disparate systems into one single pane of glass
  • Custom visualizations for APIs and connections
  • Turning the savings you found with PointGuard into long-term value
    Get permenance with monitoring mode to lock in savings and eliminate building drift

    PointGuard Assurance

    What You get
    a monthly report based on customized algorithms and KPIs that measures and monitors building drift after retro-commissioning
    Useful For
    Facility teams that already used PointGuard RCx, Pro, or Pro+ to retro-commission buildings and achieve high performance, and want to manage and monitor building drift
  • Monthly report featuring KPIs and insights to Asset Health, Comfort and Airflow Hygiene
  • Optimal start-stop analysis
  • Energy analytics and benchmarking
  • Building performance benchmarking
  • Automated, custom rules based suggestions for optimization
  • Functional testing of HVAC equipment
  • Customized KPIs
  • Ongoing monitoring of compliance with ASHRAE standards
  • Monthly suggestions based on your priorities
  • Monthly customized reports
  • PointGuard CapEx

    What You get
    A one time report providing insight into the current condition of your building's equipment and helping you prioritizing replacement needs.
    Useful For
    Facility teams that already used PointGuard RCx, Pro, or Pro+ to retro-commission buildings and achieve high performance, and want to manage and monitor building drift
  • Analysis of real time performance data of targeted equipment
  • Risk rank analysis
  • Potential replacement impact on building performance and energy spend
  • Data backed capital investment decisions
  • Make smarter equipment replacement deferment decisions
  • Immediate, annual, and long term replacement needs
  • Equipment health recommendations
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