Profit matters,
it always matters.

How it works

Go beyond energy data to dramatically improve comfort
asset life, and expense control of any portfolio.

Designed to be Different

Designed with facility teams, for facility teams

  • Data that doesn’t overwhelm you
  • Sorts through the noise to find savings for you
  • Return on your investment in just on year
  • Provides you actionable insight
  • Configurable to your needs
  • Your building data, we just help you see it better

6 Steps To Value

Do more. Save more. Start creating value today.

1. Activate

Attach seamlessly to building data and activate it for use.

2. Detect

Find faults and opportunities in building equipment.

3. Determine

Make improvements based on customized goals.

4. Manage

Manage workorders and customize reports.

5. Verify

Confirm improvements via proven & smart technology.

6. Prevent

Stop problems long term with machine learning.

Costs and Savings

PointGuard turbocharges the known value of traditional retro-commissioning, turning the process into monitoring-based commissioning.

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