Analytics helps owners and developers buy smarter and maximize warranty values by identifying potential issues before they become a major problem or expenditure.

With our tools, your job becomes easier:

PointGuard offers a low cost approach to warranty phase commissioning and brings you the best feedback on your building's performance now and in the long-run.

Asset Life Extension

Focus maintenance decisions on what will increase ROI and extend asset life. Our comprehensive, customizable algorithms eliminate false positives and ensure your mechanical assets exceed their useful lives.


Warranty Maximization

Fully leverage the warranty-phase promise from your contractor or OEM. The old manual method of commissioning can be expensive and leave money on the table. Our transparent and unbiased platform sees everything that is not performing to spec to allow your contractor to remedy the issue while under warranty.


No Bias, Just Focus

We offer focused, unbiased Analytics. We have nothing to sell or to hide; just to provide you with unbiased, actionable intelligence and transparency for how your portfolio is performing. Building Analytics is what we do, and we do it well.


Focused Reporting

Clear relevant reporting that can be shared with occupants, owners, management, and investors. You can see the benefits of analytics and take action.
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Scalable and Secure

Our software can talk to any building in the world, using corporate grade security protocols. Our suite of Analytics service options can link to all types of technology and work with any budget.