PointGuard Healthcheck

PointGuard Healthcheck is a monthly benchmarking report that identifies if humidity levels, air exchange rate, and turnover rates are in compliance with ASHRAE targets, using data, KPIs, and remediation suggestions

Who is it for

Concerned facility teams

Facility teams with occupants wanting to re-enter their space, but who are concerned about air hygiene and saftey

The Result

Confidence your building is healthy

Get an understanding of building or portfolio level airflow hygiene and opportunities for remediation and improvement

Key benefits to your team

Know exactly where your buildings stand


KPIs for all aspects of airflow hygiene


Data based information for concerned tenants and occupants


Benchmarking for building health


Measurements for improvement over time


Confirm ASHRAE compliance


Identify areas of improvement and further discovery

Key features

A full analysis of your building health data

  • Clear KPI’s for airflow hygiene measured against ASHRAE benchmarks
  • Data management of humidity, air exchange, and air turnover rates
  • Identification of comfort delivery during occupied and unoccupied hours
  • Airside economizer analysis
  • Analysis of the energy impact of remediation measures
  • Zone- and floor- level analysis
  • Integrates with IAQ sensors