PointGuard Insights

PointGuard Insights is a monthly report that puts detailed building performance data, benchmarking, and insights at your fingertips

Who is it for

Time and budget constrained teams

Facility teams, owners, asset managers, and property managers who want an introduction to analytics but are not sure where to start. Or teams who would like a way to measure their buildings' performance improvement over time.

The Result

Greater understanding

Understand current portfolio performance and optimize your buildings using advanced fault diagnostic tools, machine learning, benchmarking KPIs, and intuitive visualizations and tools.

Key benefits to your team

Helps you focus on key areas of concern.


Deploying AI-based suggestions for quick and easy optimization


Ability to prove buildings are compliant with ASHRAE standards


Benchmarking energy consumption and asset health against other buildings


Helpful KPIs to better understand everything from critical equipment to terminal units


Understanding of potential cyber risks to your control system


Customized reports based on building and team needs

Key features

Giving you confidence when a deeper retro-commissioning project is needed

  • The PointGuard Process for onboarding, data scrubbing, assisted tagging, and tuning our software to your building's needs
  • A monthly report featuring KPIs and actionable insights to Asset Health, Comfort, and Airflow Hygiene
  • Control System config file analysis
  • Functional testing of mechanical equipment
  • Optimal equipment start-stop analysis
  • Energy analytics and benchmarking
  • Building performance benchmarking
  • Automated, rules-based suggestions for optimization
  • Guarantee:

    Energy savings provides immediate ROI. Over one year, the energy savings resulting from the monthly suggestions included in your Insight Report can pay for the your initial investment in our software. That’s our promise. (*If action is taken to remediate.)