As we are all reeling from the unknown of today and what’s going to happen next, PointGuard wants to give you something to look forward to - so we’re giving you a chance at a free Snapshot this month. Enter here.

The appeal of working remotely has been growing rapidly as the work-life balance evolves and people desire a more flexible schedule, commutes become longer and people look for a way to decrease their environmental impact, and workforces become younger and keener on using technology as part of their job. Having a monitoring system that tells you what’s happening inside your building even when you aren’t there is the first step in this hands-off, optimized work schedule.

PointGuard is making it easier to assess the positive impacts of remote facilities management with the Snapshot. Without needing to invest a lot of time or money to see the impact of how software can allow for improved building performance while allowing for increased remote management and focused work orders, Snapshot gives you a clear view of what analytics can do for your portfolio and facility team in under 30 days.

Interest in remote working tools has exploded in the last week:

Chart edit.PNG

While remote work is growing every year, some times it is the only way to work safely and within restrictions like those we are experiencing now with COVID-19. During these stressful times, we are doing the best we can to make your jobs a little bit easier and keep your buildings running at peak performance and efficiency.

The PointGuard Snapshot lets building owners and FM teams learn about improvement opportunities for their buildings without making an expensive, long-term commitment or full deployment. You don’t need a pilot to get proof. All you need is to give us 30 days.

Let’s get a headstart on tomorrow together. Learn more about the PointGuard Snapshot and enter to win here.

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*Chart Credit: LinkedIn Pulse, Every Company Needs a Remote Works Strategy to Survive, Title: Interest in remote working tools has exploded in the last week