As we approach the beginning of a new decade, we can’t help but reflect, like most, on what we’ve accomplished. A few things have changed around our office, namely the launch of PointGuard as an independent Platform and software provider to other facility management teams. However, what we’ve managed to do through it all is maintain a core sense of teamwork and enthusiasm for the hard work that goes on around here. Why though?

It all comes down to culture.

Everyone believes it is true of their own company, but we have a team culture that makes us proud to work with the people we do and happy to come to work. We bring our values to life everyday in our work both internally and externally; we’ve intentional about creating and cultivating team values bring out the best in our daily work with each other and our partnerships with customers.

We’ve pared down our values in to three simple phrases: Be Tenacious, Be Adaptable, Be Accountable. We talk a lot about intellectual curiosity, leadership, dependability. But, what it all comes down to is being the best we can for our customers, for each other, and for ourselves and families.

Every week we keep our values alive by calling upon team members that have shown or exemplified our values in some way – and I’ll tell you we’ve never failed to find examples. As a team, we are tenacious in delivering product and in keeping our commitments to each other; we are adaptable in the approach to our market and in learning all that we can; we are accountable in making sure we do all we can to help each other deliver on our goals.

Externally, our company values are also embedded in our product and how we treat our customers’ outcomes. We are: tenacious in search for profit; adaptable to each building and customer; accountable to the outcomes we guarantee.

At PointGuard we emphasize an above and beyond-extra mile-play to win effort that of course all startups have, but that we know really shows itself in our product and our dedication to customers. We’re proud to have a customer-centric philosophy that informs much of what we do and a team culture that makes that possible.