A contentious point with many facility management software platforms is that they’re portrayed as able to take care of buildings better than or “equal” to (but with more efficiency and less overhead) than the teams that are and have been running the buildings for years and even decades.

Let’s get this straight. Good software doesn’t replace people, it amplifies them. If a software’s automation capabilities take over redundant-type work, then FM teams can have more time for other tasks. With more time, we’re going to get closer to that predictive maintenance goal.

The popular and obvious benefit of software integration into building operations is in the sudden clarity and usefulness of all the data your building has collected and is currently creating through daily operations. By monitoring and analyzing this data, buildings can be optimized for energy usage, comfort, occupancy and so much more.

Another requirement for FM software platforms is in the undeniable fact of a workforce that is largely approaching the age of retirement - in fact, 40% of FMs will retire in the next 8 years. Just like a shift switch, there can be a devastating loss of knowledge during duty transfer from one team to another or from one generation to the next. FM teams hesitate when it comes to software solutions because they know their building like the back of their hand and their building is unique. In fact, every building is special.

Before you think PointGuard is handing out participation trophies, think about the home team advantage. While every team is playing the same sport, the team most familiar with the place has a leg up. The home team FM crews know peculiarities beyond the usual rules and patterns of the common building. Because of this, the “if this then that” patterns don’t always work for every building, and applying them that way can cause false noise in the absence of bespoke touch.

Buildings require software customization before platforms can accurately amplify a building’s FM team and its operations. When spending time with a building, FM teams witness its idiosyncrasies and as such software should be able to learn, adapt, and be modified to fit the individual building. This can only happen with extensive tuning and a feedback loop that continues to educate both people and software, making a building the best it can be. This high degree of customization can in effect amplify FM teams as well as the lives of those living, working, or playing inside the building.

This is what brought PointGuard to what we call the Facility Profit Process. While each building is special, they are still made from the same foundational processes. PointGuard has built a platform and onboarding process that changes the conversation from either/or to both/and by combining the local home team knowledge with machine learning and AI. The result? A flexible, turbocharged platform that walks the floor with your FM team.

Don’t replace; amplify.

Don’t standardize; customize.

If you’re interested in turbocharging your building with the accuracy of a bespoke platform without the premium cost and complicated onboarding process, contact us to amplify your home team.

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