Are you in the game when it comes to monitoring-based commissioning? Learn more about making sure the analytics software you choose is the best fit for you.

You want to grow your commissioning business and you know analytics can help you address your time constraints, add real value, and help add to your bottom line…especially monitoring-based commissioning. There are many analytics software program options. Which one should you chose and makes the most sense for your business model and growth plans? It’s time to get in the game, but before you purchase anything or head off to a training session, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Is it a proven platform? There are many analytic newcomers these days. You need to base your business on analytics that are widely used and can speak with all types on control systems and sensors. At PointGuard, we base our analytic package on SkyFoundry™, the most installed and proven analytic software to date. Are there others this good? We don’t think so.

Is it customizable? Every building is different - you know this already. Can the software package you choose accommodate the need to customize the data to your building and those quirky things everybody knows about? Our analytics service has built in feedback and delivers custom algorithms to you and your client. In fact, you tell us, and we can write them for you.

Are you in control? You know the buildings and you know your client, but are you stuck with out of the box analytics that “tell” you what to tell your client? Our portal puts you in the driver’s seat to identify the key issues while our KPI’s speak the language of real estate so you quickly get to a high performing state.

Can you co-brand? Are you allowed to take some credit with your client for the analytics services you provide? Can you co-brand this service and provide a seamless customer experience while you continuously commission? Our commissioning portal lets you co-brand with us and put you company name front and center.

Can you make money? You are on a fixed budget for the project or you know your client is cost sensitive. Many analytic programs are so expensive that they are dead on arrival. Is the expense really worth it? PointGuard’s pricing is very reasonable and we offer you opportunities to add value and earn fees long after the service is complete.

How much training will it take? There is often a trade-off between expensive out of the box analytics packages and low cost proven software like Skyfoundry. You would rather use something like SkyFoundry™ but you don’t have the time or the developer resources to get up to speed. PointGuard’s portal allows you to deploy SkyFoundry™ and by-pass these one-time, nontraditional costs quickly and efficiently while keeping all the benefits that attracted you to it in the first place.