No one stays in the same place forever. For many reasons, personal or professional, facility managers, asset managers and property managers will move on to the next job, next level or next building.

As a result, building performance can suffer with the changing of the guard. Fortunately, analytics can help with that, as many of our customers have experienced.

Preserving institutional knowledge, even when there is turnover, is critical to a building’s performance. Historical knowledge of issues that have been addressed, or issues that are anticipated in the future, is information that needs to stay with the building, not just the original manager. Using an independent data analytics service can keep those patterns and insights readily available on an online platform and accessible to the new team. This kind of service can be crucial in amplifying the performance and efficiency of a building.

A good analytics team customizes analytics to a specific building and customer to preserve and amplify local knowledge. For example, PointGuard meets regularly with all its customers to review reports, monitor progress and provide recommendations for improving comfort and asset health. Debriefing on each month’s actions keeps the institutional knowledge within the team, allows that knowledge to be utilized in the analytics and ensures all actions are understood by all stakeholders. What’s more, when beginning a relationship with a new client, we analyze information on the buildings current performance as well as useful historical information from the staff managing the building at the time.

It is important to keep a history of past recommendations, actions and results available to improve M&V and historical knowledge of the buildings equipment. At any given time, a new facility manager or building engineer can review this list to gain instructional knowledge of the building and issues that have been addressed and verified, or issues that may still need additional attention.

Achieving efficiency goals requires a knowledgeable team and intelligent analysis to keep a building running as efficiently as possible, regardless of the makeup of the management team at any given time. Because while team members may come and go, your data is here to stay.

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