At PointGuard, our company values are at the core of everything we do. We keep them every day - with our team, our families, our customers and ourselves. We keep it fun,real and play to win; keep on learning; keep our promises and our mission; and of course, we keep on giving.

Giving is a flexible and far-reaching term. To give can mean giving one’s skills, one’s possessions or funds, one’s thoughts or one’s effort. Here at PointGuard, we give our skills and work to our customers; our effort and talent to our company; and our hearts and actions to our community.

We Give to Our Customers

Our core mission is to give the best service possible to our customers. This over-arching goal inspires each aspect of our service—from development, to sales, to set up, to monitoring, to reporting, to marketing. We give what is required to be a strategic partner and to ensure our customers are satisfied with our analytics.

The amount of effort a company gives to its customers is directly correlated to its accountability. If we’re not giving our best, then we are not being accountable to our customers. What’s more, if we are not giving 100 percent to each client, then how can we be accountable and advisable to future clients.

We Give to Our Company

Our team dedicates its time and effort to staying on track and delivering superior service our customers. Each employee has distinct skills to offer the team. Whether it be keeping the office organized, coding our platform or analyzing the data, the combination of giving and combining our unique skills is what makes us a strong team.

Beyond our own professional responsibilities and job descriptions, if a member of our team encounters a problem they cannot solve alone, then we as a team help until the problem is resolved. As some would say: if there is a fire, we all grab a bucket.

We Give to Our Community

We believe that life is best lived when giving to others. Many members of our team volunteer in their communities; from coaching their kid’s soccer teams, to volunteering to build homes, to being active on community boards.

We believe in company giving to such an extent that we founded the Abundant Hope Foundation. Abundant Hope works with our team members and matches gifts or donations made by our employees to non-profit organizations.

Together, our team gives its all to make the most of our service for our customers, to be successful as a team and to create a stronger community.

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