"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking." — Voltaire

At PointGuard, our company values are at the core of everything we do. We keep them every day - with our team, our families, our customers and ourselves. We keep it real and fun; keep on giving and play to win; keep our promises and our mission; and of course, we keep on learning.

We know that the commercial real estate industry, and the industries that serve it, are in a period of change. The owners and managers of commercial real estate are shifting from the older generations, to the younger Millennial generation, who put a premium on the latest technologies. Plus, we have seen that owners are changing how they purchase, manage and use buildings as well as the role technology will play in the buildings of the future.

Our team believes that we must be willing to constantly learn, to stay ahead of the curve, envision profitable solutions, and find success in the CREtech industry. We can only be innovative if we push towards the next, and best, technological solution for our customers.

The quality of our work and our company are set by the quality of the questions we ask and investigate. When confronted with a challenge or an unknown, we do not turn in the other direction. Instead we say, “I can figure this out”, and learn the skills necessary to solve the problem. This mental flexibility allows our team to go in search of the opportunities to solve long standing problems, even as they change. Each interaction with our peers and customers helps our product mature, and recognize that each building has a story and can be a teacher in our journey.

We also value learning more about each other, how we can work best and how we can maximize our potential individually and as a team. Only by staying curious can we deliver our personal best each day to our team, and our best product to the marketplace.

So when someone asks “Why?” or “How?”

We say, why not? We will keep on learning every day until we find the solution.

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