At PointGuard, our company values are at the core of everything we do. We keep them every day - with our team, our families, our customers and ourselves. We keep it real and fun; keep on learning and giving; keep our promises and our mission; and of course, we play to win.

In order to exceed our customers' expectations, have the respect of our competitors, provide a return to our shareholders and retain the best people, we have to play to win. Playing to win is about providing the best commercial solutions, while being profitable and making our customers profitable. We are on a mission to grow as a company and to make a real impact on the environment. We feel proud of our mission, but only if we succeed in the marketplace.

Preparation: Our play to win philosophy recognizes that we face competition, thus we need to be competitive with, and for, ourselves. To prepare, we must understand the challenge ahead of us and what resources we need to succeed. This includes having the best talent, the best tools and the best technology to bring value to our customers. We’re prepared to confront challenges head on as individuals and as a team, to solve problems sooner and make us a stronger, smarter unit.

Commitment: We stay committed to playing to win by starting and ending each day with this value in mind. We regularly set goals as individuals and as a team to keep moving swiftly toward our next finish line. To win it takes commitment, determination, courage, creativity and doing the unexpected. We are committed to our employees and to embody these characteristics in our culture, so we exceed the expectations we set for ourselves and those our customers set for us.

Execution: Each member of our team knows that to succeed, we must execute. That means coming into work each day, doing the job and doing it better than anyone else. This guarantees our customers maximize their equipment assets and achieve energy efficiency in their commercial properties. We do this by providing superior analytics and tools with great customer service, leading to profit-driven outcomes.

Sacrifice: As they say: no pain, no gain. We understand that to succeed, sometimes you must put in the extra hours, take on the extra work, take the extra meeting. We want to leave each day, each other, each customer, each building and the planet better than when we found it.

We don't dial it in; we show up and play to win.

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