More confidence with less commitment. Take the Snapshot.

Buildings have been creating data about their performance for years and as an industry, we are finally getting really good at deciphering actionable insights from it. Plus, HVAC systems are the number one contributor to building operating expenses, leaving plenty of financial motivation to get better at using operational data about how they’re actually running, not just how they’re designed to. We like to think of this as the power of retrocommissioning. However, the jump from current practices to perceived-as-complex data analytics platforms can be intimidating even when the potential benefits are clear.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of the PointGuard Snapshot.

The PointGuard Snapshot lets building owners and FM teams learn about improvement opportunities for their individual buildings without making an expensive, long-term commitment or full deployment. While software pilots are commonly available, why do you need a pilot if you don’t know where you’re going? PointGuard’s Snapshot shows you the way.

Through monitored data streams and powerful analysis, PointGuard’s Snapshot reveals missed profit opportunities in building operations. Conveniently provided after a month of HVAC data without any additional hardware installation, PointGuard’s Snapshot finds areas with room to improve. The Snapshot includes specific scores for three different areas of concern within your building and how using the PointGuard platform can permanently improve the building’s ROI.

PointGuard’s Snapshot is conveniently and affordably priced based on the size of your building and less than a typical pilot.

Learn before you leap with PointGuard's Snapshot. Reveal savings and efficiency improvement opportunities in just 30 days and better your building permanently. Ready for a snapshot? Click here.