We are proud to announce the completion and public availability of a collaborative research report with Propmodo, a leading publisher for commercial real estate and the building industry. This report comes after months of dedicated research into the proptech space with a heightened focus on retrocommissioning. Going beyond theories, the report includes actual properties found to be running inefficiently, what assets were discovered to be suboptimal, and the verified savings these buildings then realized through software.

Although not new, retro-commissioning has ample room to be improved by technology, like many of the processes utilized in buildings nationwide and around the world. I wrote an introduction to the report via an article reposted below as well as the link to the report.

"The term “commissioning” comes from the naval community. Military vessels are given a thorough inspection and stress tested after they are built. Upon passing they are put into action with a commissioning ceremony, which you likely know as the occasion where a dignitary will smash a bottle on the bow for good luck.

"Since the late seventies, buildings have been doing something similar. Not the smashing of the bottle (developers prefer cutting ribbons) but the act of testing all of a building’s systems before putting it into service. This allows engineers to run a test to see how a building’s systems interact and determine a baseline for overall efficiency. But this often only lasts so long, as the building mechanical units deteriorate, get fixed and are subsequently replaced. Eventually, building owners and managers might find themselves with a building that barely resembles the one that stood, shiny and new, when its doors first opened to the public.

"With this shortcoming in mind, a new kind of commissioning has appeared: retrocommissioning... Read More Here.

You can download the report immediately at this link.

I am happy to answer any questions about the report, how PointGuard does monitoring-based retrocommissioning, or chat about the ROI we can find in your building and FM teams.

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