PointGuard is excited to announce the relaunch of our website, as well as a refreshed look at our product offering.

CHARLOTTE, NC (December 1) – PointGuard is pleased to announce the refresh and relaunch of it’s website at www.PointGuardTech.com. PointGuard provides building analytics that offer real empowerment, real performance, and real profits to commercial building portfolios. Shannon Smith, PointGuard’s CEO said he, “is excited to bring our refreshed product offering to our customers because we have built tools that enhance 21st century property and facility management.”

Details of PointGuard’s complete service suite and pricing are provided along with simple ways to get product information and schedule demos. You can also stay up to date on the latest news, case studies, blog posts, and career opportunities

PointGuard offers robust energy analytics, comfort and asset health analytics with easy intuitive actions that expand not replace the knowledge of facility teams. Our clients know technology is a competitive advantage for commercial real estate in the 21st century. Our clients also believe: that analytics offers a ROI opportunity beyond energy savings, that operational excellence reduces capital and maintenance costs, that transparency is needed in the built environment, and that comfort delivery is key to occupant satisfaction.

About PointGuard- PointGuard is a partner-oriented, dedicated group of people with expertise in building engineering, software development, IT, and data analytics. Our goal is to transform building performance by making analytics a long-term competitive advantage for the real estate market.