If you, like millions of people around the world, started a diet for the new year, you understand the importance of a 30 day reset. The Whole 30 diet specifically calls for one month of tracking habits, healthy eating, and measuring improvement to help benchmark your health journey and start on a new path.

Conveniently, the same exists for buildings. Benchmarking it the first step to improvement in buildings – you can’t improve what you don’t know and measure. A Whole 30 regime for your building includes 30 days of BMS data to benchmark actual building performance. It’s called The Snapshot.

About the Snapshot: The PointGuard Snapshot is a high-level report that reveals how the full PointGuard platform can permanently improve the building's ROI while improving performance and can determine opportunities to improve airflow hygiene in a post-COVID world.

FM teams and owner’s curious about the impact BMS based analytics could have on a specific building or across a portfolio can get confidence that the 30 days of benchmarking and measuring can result savings down the road – much like the foundationsset by a new year’s fitness journey.

Through monitored data streams and powerful analysis, PointGuard’s Snapshot reveals missed profit opportunities in building operations. A high-level snapshot of operational patterns for the building including scores for Asset Health, Comfort, and Energy Efficiency shows how the PointGuard platform can improve the building’s ROI permanently. This gives you confidence to keep going with deeper analytics to harvest those savings opportunities and make them permanent.

HVAC systems are the #1 building operational expense and have a dramatic impact on occupant health and productivity. Fortunately, these systems constantly create data about their actual performance; but if no one is paying attention to the data, it's worthless.

Just 30 days of data analysis can start buildings on a completely different path. Spending just 30 days to capture data lets facility teams know where the building stands now, what areas are of concern, and reveals the obvious areas for improvement. The initial stages of any transformation are key and can help buildings develop better practices that create higher efficiency, lower operating costs, and improve tenant experience.

For more information about benchmarks check out a recent webinar from Facilities Net with PointGuard CEO here. Learn before you leap with PointGuard's Snapshot. Reveal savings and efficiency improvement opportunities in just 30 days and better your buildings permanently.

About PointGuard

PointGuard is a facility management software company that leverages existing building control systems to maximize the value and performance of mechanical equipment, increase occupant comfort and extend asset life. PointGuard’s platform, via monitoring based retrocommissioning, provides real time transparency to equipment performance in buildings for instantly better decision making for maintenance and capital budgets - so one facility engineer can manage up to 20MM sq ft strategically and effectively.

The PointGuard Snapshot provides an overview of operational performance levels after just 30 days of data, revealing potential and permanent improvements available through PointGuard's analytics platform. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, please visit www.pointguardtech.com for more information or PointGuard at info@pointguardtech.com.