Discover how analytics helped to uncover the biggest wasters of energy use, and identify areas of improvement and equipment that needed upgrades.

The Facility

One of the largest construction manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, purchased and moved into the 73,400 sq ft building in the 90s.

The Problem

The building was equipped with multiple brands/vintage controls, which added to the building’s complexity. Issues included physical problems, such as broken components, control problems, such as faulty communications, and optimization of setting by professional energy engineers.

The Solution

PointGuard’s engineers, along with the controls contractor, used a process known as Retro-Commissioning, which consisted of benchmarking trend analysis, testing, on site reviews, and interviews with facility staff in order to identify issues in need of remediation. Chiller control was replaced successfully, allowing isolation valves to work properly. Quick findings inspired the deployment of discharge of active air temperature reset algorithm on their system for active optimization of energy and comfort. Free cooling during cooler outdoor conditions was enabled due to the institution of economizer sequence. Necessary units’ “heating offset” were adjusted to 4+ degrees, thus preventing excessive heating and cooling cycles.

The Result

On going building analytics helps maximize the value of full service maintenance agreement in place. Building owners can now easily identify and request repairs and remediation based upon their data. This will ensure the contracted service provider will follow through with repairs. Critical notifications helps provide reassurance to facility team that they are on top of critical issues, such as cooling problems that impact the data center for this multi-national corporate headquarters.