From the moment a building is commissioned or retro-commissioned to its highest performance levels, the building starts back down the path of declinie. Operational efficiency deteriorates over time through accidental changes, normal wear and tear, and lack of supervision. These problems combound over time to create the current efficiency levels (or most likely inefficiency).

In the case of one of PointGuard's clients Lincoln Harris, they tackle the problem of building drift with a two part approach. With every building they manage, the facility team aims to commission their buildings' mechanical systems for peak operations both in terms of energy savings and asset performance.

To do this, Lincoln Harris, deploys the PointGuard Platform across their portfolio. Lincoln Harris is able to use the resources of their top facility team + the PointGuard Platform to get new buildings in their portfolio running efficiently and keep building drift at bay.

Download the Case Study: Traditional Retrocomissioning + Software Team Up to Deliver 40% Energy Savings to see the possibilities:

About PointGuard | PointGuard is a facility management software company that leverages existing building control systems to maximize the value and performance of mechanical equipment, increase occupant comfort and extend asset life. PointGuard’s platform, via monitoring based retrocommissioning, provides real time transparency to equipment performance in buildings for instantly better decision making for maintenance and capital budgets - so one facility engineer can manage up to 20MM sqft strategically and effectively. The PointGuard Snapshot provides an overview of operational performance levels after just 30 days of data, revealing potential and permanent improvements available through Pointguard's analytics platform. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, please visit for more information.