Abundant Power Group Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for Achieving Better Buildings Challenge Financial Ally Goal

Charlotte, NC– Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized Abundant Power Group as a financial ally goal achiever in the Better Buildings Challenge. The Better Buildings Challenge is a DOE program that works with market leaders to drive the acceleration of cost-effective and proven strategies to improve the energy efficiency of the nation’s buildings, plants, and homes.

Abundant Power Group has achieved its original goal of $100 million in funds extended for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Since the Better Buildings Challenge launched in 2011, in total the partners have saved $3.8 billion dollars and 470 trillion BTUs of energy, while total funding extended surpasses $19 billion

CleanSource Capital, and its parent company Abundant Power Group design, implement, and administer proprietary financing programs dedicated to energy efficiency and environmental conservation, and financial advisory services for projects involving the same. Together they have funded a total of $238 million in energy efficiency projects.

With Green Community Programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia designed to provide financing for Qualified Energy Conservation Bond projects, and a Revolving Loan Fund in Alabama designed to provide financing for commercial and industrial energy efficacies projects in the state. More details on energy efficiency financing and goal achievers can be found online in the redesigned Better Buildings Solution Center, along with 2,500 proven partner solutions.

“When we started Abundant Power Group in 2009, we wanted to strive to be a mission-oriented business. Since then we have always focused, as we say, on ‘finding commercial solutions to planetary problems’,” says Shannon Smith, CEO and Founder of Abundant. “We were excited to sign on as one of the founding partners to the Better Buildings Challenge to show our dedication to that mission, and to help further energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts in this country.”

You can also browse all financial allies and their offerings by using the Better Buildings Financing Navigator, an online tool designed to help users find the right financing option based on their building needs and interests. The tool connects users to the many ways to finance energy projects in owned and occupied buildings.

About Abundant Power Abundant Power Group is the parent company of PointGuard and CleanSource Capital. Based in Charlotte, NC, Abundant has focused on finding commercial ways to address planetary problems. In all its endeavors, Abundant brings together domain expertise with capital and fun loving entrepreneurial spirit

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