PointGuard's Head Building Performance Engineer to speak about leveraging technology for successful project outcomes.

Derek McGarry, PointGuard's Chief Engineer, will join his fellow ASHRAE, Southern Piedmont Chapter members on Thursday February 1st, 2018 for a discussion on using technology and analytics to measure success and ROI in the built environment.

The warranty phase of any substantial mechanical project puts the reputations of both the contractor and the design engineer on the line. His presentation will review the evolution of technology within buildings and how it is being leveraged to improve project outcomes. He will focus on approaches to make the 1st year of operation something to be proud of, leveraging building automation, monitoring-based commissioning, and automated fault detection.

Derek himself has been working in the built environment for about 20 years, spanning roles as energy analyst, mechanical design engineer, energy manager, and commissioning provider. He has worked on commercial and institutional buildings, including district energy plants and multiple LEED projects. Derek has served on the local Boards of ASHRAE and USGBC. He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

PointGuard aims to weaponize data to dramatically improve comfort, asset life, and expense control in the built environment. We are partner-oriented, dedicated group of people with expertise in building engineering, software development, IT, and data analytics. Our goal is to transform building performance by making analytics a long-term competitive advantage for the real estate market.