The PointGuard Platform: find out exactly where to turn the wrench

Building owners and facility management companies can now license the PointGuard Platform to unlock essential insights hidden in building management systems (BMS) data for themselves. The Platform provides forward-thinking teams a tool to strategically manage up to 20 million square feet per engineer.

The PointGuard Platform brings powerful technology to facility management with automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD) suitable for all buildings with compatible control systems. It's a simple and intuitive platform that clearly tells your teams how to improve the comfort in your buildings, extend the life of your assets, and lower operating and capital costs. Platform users can also eliminate energy data portals, as our Platform includes energy analytics, measurement and verification feedback data, plus sustainability and benchmarking technology across entire building portfolios.

“While existing energy analytics platforms provide ‘feel good’ information, they don’t give companies ‘do good’ information,” says Shannon Smith, CEO of PointGuard. “Where does energy analytics really take you other than sustainability reporting? It gives you pattern recognition but doesn't really let you improve specific things. We spend a lot of time talking about ways building teams can know exactly where to turn a wrench for the most impact. That specificity is a big deal for us.”

Modern, forward-thinking building owners and management companies are already tapping into this powerful facility management technology, allowing them to offer higher levels of customer service and better tenant retention.

Buildings are hugely complex machines with complex interactions. Plus, stretched building teams cannot be everywhere at once. It is no secret that our industry is facing a crisis of both time and talent. Licensing the PointGuard Platform is similar the industry change security cameras provided for security guards: it allows your people to do more with less and to have more of an impact by focussing their time on what really matters.

In addition, each building has its own unique operating patterns, that can change over time and are often ignored by one-size-fits-all solutions. The PointGuard Platform provides a permanent source for portfolio performance data, which can be used in day-to-day decision making and over the long term as teams change and people turnover.

This amplification of what is known and unique about your buildings also goes a long way towards preventing false positives, which are the bane of analytics services. You need to be able to trust your technology to give you good data before you can act.

Opting to become a Platform user gives teams the ability to maximize the value of these insights; and gives them a real-time ability to constantly curate, inspect, and oversee their properties, taking the right action for immediate improvements.

Good to know:

  • Onboarding is simple and can be done throughout the year
  • Pricing rewards scaling our service to all compatible BMS buildings in your portfolio
  • Unlimited users
  • Additional features to come
  • For portfolios that have limited facilities management resources, our managed services option continues to be available.

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