Updates from Q1 2020 include precision comfort zones, UI customization and more.

April 2, 2020 - CHARLOTTE, North Carolina. PointGuard Technologies, a facilities management company with a focus on global health, has announced new enhancements to its in-demand software platform to better assist users in optimum knowledge transfer from building systems’ generated data. PointGuard has released some features earlier than originally scheduled to best help workers who now must work remotely due to COVID-19.

“During this time of so much uncertainty, we want to help our current and future clients as much as possible,” said Shannon Smith, PointGuard CEO. “No one saw coronavirus coming so preparation wasn’t at the necessary level in buildings worldwide. PointGuard supports energy, operations and capital and, with our most recent platform upgrades, we are able to set up and support current and new clients 100% remotely.”

Highlights of the software updates include:

  • Competing Zone Detection. Monitors and manages adjacent comfort zones in buildings to prevent the simultaneous operation of cooling and heating.
  • Customizable Dashboard. Users select and modify what knowledge is most important and arrange it on their individual dashboard so priorities are front and center.
  • Dedicated Asset and Comfort Pages. Integration of historical data on asset health and precise degree deltas for heating and cooling.
  • Mute & Snooze. Ability to mute or snooze rules to control notifications.

To further assist, PointGuard is hosting a webinar later this month about how to best do building operations remotely. PointGuard is offering discounted remote set-up fees and the first 90 days of managed services and a free PointGuard Snapshot to one new customer interested in seeing what analytics can do for their buildings and facility teams without a long term commitment or expensive contracts in under 30 days.

For more information, please contact PointGuard at info@pointguardtech.com.

Download a PDF of this press release here.

About PointGuard PointGuard is a facility management company that leverages existing building control systems to maximize the value and performance of mechanical equipment, increase occupant comfort and extend asset life. PointGuard’s platform, via monitoring based retrocommissioning, provides real time transparency to equipment performance in buildings for instantly better decision making for maintenance and capital budgets - so one facility engineer can manage up to 20MM sqft strategically and effectively. The PointGuard Snapshot provides an overview of operational performance levels after just 30 days of data, revealing potential and permanent improvements available through Pointguard's analytics platform. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, please visit www.pointguardtech.com for more information.