October 8, 2020 – Charlotte, North Carolina. PointGuard, a facilities management software company, is pleased to announce the expansion of our service offering with additional capability in our powerful BMS-based platform to integrate with sensor hardware.

PointGuard can provide customers with buildings or entire portfolios the opportunity to utilize the powerful and intuitive visualizations of the PointGuard analytics platform with sensor data. The ability to integrate with sensors is key for office portfolios or campuses that have a variety of BMS or HVAC types. The PointGuard Platform can thus be a single software for all building data across a portfolio regardless of the HVAC system in place.

“While our bread and butter is BMS systems,” said Shannon Smith, PointGuard Founder & CEO, “we expanded our offering specifically for our existing customers that wanted to see their entire portfolio in our platform. PointGuard aims to be a single pane of glass for our customers benchmark, remotely monitor, and continuously commission all the buildings in their portfolio.”

PointGuard uses LoRaWAN protocol – low range, wide area network – which is the industry leading protocol due to its low energy and large range capability, meaning we can connect to most sensors in the market. We also offer a hardware package that we can ship straight to customer. Our particular hardware of choice is part of the LoRa Alliance, meaning we’ve designed our platform visualizations around a protocol and standard that can translate to many other hardware options for our customers.

“We decided to use this sensor in particular because we wanted to monitor air hygiene,” says Andrew Rosenthal, PointGuard’s Product Engineer “particularly, for buildings that don’t have BMS or don’t have humidity point data to monitor. It helps us serve a wide variety of buildings and ensure our customers and their occupants have a healthy building. Proper humidity settings are key indicators that we know based on the ASHRAE COVID 19 Building Guidance can help prevent disease transmission.” PointGuard will also offer sensors for equipment and asset management.

PointGuard provides a full sensor package that is ready to install: one ethernet-compatible gateway and senor buildout for the building. The gateway collects sensors data on a five-minute interval, then pushes data to cloud where our database translates it into SkySpark and the PointGuard Platform’s sensor dashboard. Data points include Occupancy, Temperature, Humidity, and more.

“The 80/20 rule is a better method for buildings with a BMS,” says Shannon Smith. “There is no need to put sensors everywhere, but rather do so selectively, as BMS data can provide most of the information that faculty teams need. Sensors can target and take the data to the next level.”

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About PointGuard | PointGuard is a facility management software company that leverages existing building control systems to maximize the value and performance of mechanical equipment, increase occupant comfort and extend asset life. PointGuard’s platform, via monitoring based retrocommissioning, provides real time transparency to equipment performance in buildings for instantly better decision making for maintenance and capital budgets - so one facility engineer can manage up to 20MM sqft strategically and effectively. The PointGuard Snapshot provides an overview of operational performance levels after just 30 days of data, revealing potential and permanent improvements available through Pointguard's analytics platform. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, please visit www.pointguardtech.com for more information.