PointGuard showcases data analytics expertise at the world’s largest gathering of facility managers.

ORLANDO, FL, April 21, 2015 – PointGuard, a building analytics service company, showcased its innovative data analytics solutions at the 2015 International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Facility Fusion Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

“Facility Managers are often overloaded with urgent tasks and lacking resources,” said Shannon Smith, CEO of PointGuard. “Our data analytics solutions are the next generation of tools they need to proactively address issues, assess building efficiencies and improve asset life. This gathering gives PointGuard a critical opportunity to illustrate the power of data to serve the needs of facility managers across the country.”

Hosted by the most widely recognized global association for professional facility managers, Facility Fusion focuses on the educational and networking needs of facility management professionals. Innovative product solutions, advanced sustainability strategies, Facility Management education and management skills development are a few of the featured issues of the three-day conference.

“The facility managers we work with immediately see how simple, actionable data has the effect of additional team members,” added Smith. “They can identify prioritize and address issues more efficiently. And the property managers are eager to leverage data to save on energy costs, improve tenant comfort and effectively manage equipment to maximize the return on their investment.”