PointGuard today announced it has released the second version of its HVAC CapEx Evaluation report. The report now includes equipment component replacement metrics, which will allow building owners to better prioritize their CapEx spend for mechanical systems. The HVAC CapEx Evaluation Report provides equipment specific recommendations based on current operating conditions. This condition-based data can be used by asset managers and facility teams to support capital replacement decisions for commercial buildings.

Using operational data combined with ASHRAE recommendations, the report gives unprecedented real time insight on how assets are performing on a daily, weekly and even seasonal basis. The equipment component replacement metrics have been added to mechanical comfort factors and asset health history, which, along with ASHRAE data, are used by PointGuard’s algorithms to calculate a risk rank for the equipment in a building. Having this data helps facility teams and owners see which pieces of equipment are nearing the end of their lifecycle or which assets have been inefficiently used and thus need replacement sooner than previously expected.

This report offers users of the PointGuard Platform several benefits. Now, instead of only having visibility of the age of the shell, they have more insight into the maturity of the interior as well. Specifically, this information will enable the equipment to exceed the ASHRAE estimated useful life thanks to the inclusion of component upgrade information, as well as maintenance record details. Owners will be able to better prioritize the replacement of costly equipment and understand why a piece of equipment might be operating better than expected.

“A shocking 82% of all equipment failures are random,” said Shannon Smith, PointGuard CEO. “Pure rules-based maintenance and replacement will soon be a thing of the past. Now, with condition-based analytics, owners can make better decisions about when to allocate CapEx to HVAC expenditure, and can certainly avoid spending money unnecessarily on premature upgrades.”

About PointGuard: PointGuard's mission is to provide commercial solutions for planetary problems by improving the performance of buildings and the built environment. Our team brings innovation in software design together with building science to deliver profit-based outcomes that don't waste time. We believe nothing good happens in building performance unless it saves money and you know exactly what to do. We are based in Charlotte, NC near downtown. PointGuard is an Abundant Power Group Company

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