This week, PointGuard will be exhibiting and speaking at the Realcomm|IBcon 2018 conference in Las Vegas.

PointGuard will be showcasing their Performance Analytics platform, as well as the new Comfort Test, at booth #141 in the Belmont Commons Foyer of the Cosmopolitan Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th.

CEO and Founder, Shannon Smith, will participate in the “Energy Information Platforms – Developing a Comprehensive Strategy” panel, part of the ENERGY track in the IBcon program on Wednesday from 11:30am-12:30pm in room Yaletown 2. The panel will discuss how energy dashboards relate to an overall comprehensive smart building strategy, and approaches to overcome performance challenges. He will be joined by representatives from the City of Orlando, Boston Properties, Prescriptive Data and Shorenstein Realty Services.

“Realcomm|IBcon gives potential customers and partners a prime opportunity to see our Analytics platform firsthand, and to meet with us one-on-one,” said Smith. “We’re also offering the new Comfort Test at our booth, which gives building owners and managers a taste of analytics and insight into the impact it can have on performance and profits.”

The Comfort Test, available online or at the PointGuard booth, is a simple, quick and impactful way for building management teams to use analytics to gain insight into typical chronic building issues. This low-cost test provides a compelling report on the comfort performance of the buildings’ mechanical systems ­– on a zone by zone level. Following a simple four-step process, the report can be generated in 30 days or less. The Comfort Test will provide building portfolio owners a foundation for building performance improvements and increased ROI for all stakeholders.

To take The Comfort Test or schedule a demo at Realcomm | IBcon 2018, please visit

About PointGuard:

PointGuard is a dedicated team of experts in building engineering, software development, IT, and data analytics. We offer comprehensive Performance and Energy Analytics, monitoring, reporting and offer recommendations to commercial real estate owners and managers on how to improve overall building performance, asset health, occupant comfort and energy efficiency. PointGuard offers flexible pricing options that allow managers the opportunity to select the services they need, and the cadence to which they need it. Our mission is to provide commercial solutions to planetary problems by improving the efficiency of the built environment.