PointGuard Snapshot

The Snapshot is a one-time report based on just 30- days of your building data that reveals the available opportunities for a full deployment of analytics

Who is it for

The start of your building's journey

Facility teams and owners who are curious about the impact BMS analytics could have on a specific building or across a portfolio.


The result

Software that shows you the way

Get confidence that opportunity exists for data analytics in your building or your portfolio and start with a data benchmark for current operating conditions

Key benefits to your team

Benchmark current building performance

  • One-time report
  • Just 30 days worth of data
  • Assess the comfort, equipment performance, and energy spend levels
  • Alternative to a pilot
  • Provides detail on the savings potential for your building
  • Serves as a proof-of-concept to highlight the need for an analytics solution

Key features

Understand where your building stands

  • One time report featuring KPIs and insights in to Asset Health, Comfort and Airflow Hygiene
  • One actionable insight into a building issue that could provide savings
  • Predicted 1st year energy savings with PointGuard
  • Analysis of top faults for insight on the biggest offenders contributing to low building performance
  • Analysis of worst comfort zones to quickly find problem areas to target
  • Analysis of building energy profile and Energy Star Score
  • Analysis of overall equipment performance graphed based on Asset Health by Comfort

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