PointGuard Pro

PointGuard Pro is advanced software that focuses on mechanical asset retro-commissioning, optimization, and monitoring

Who is it for

Helping time and budget constrained teams

Skilled engineers and facility teams who want to leverage the power of customized analytics to root out all opportunities to improve asset performance from your central plant to terminal units

The result

Software that turbo-charges traditional retro-comissioning

Deep savings from retro-commissioning that finds and sustains all savings available in your targeted buildings


Key benefits to your team

Helps you focus on key areas of concern in your building

  • All the benefits of PointGuard RCx, plus...
  • Ability to deploy automated retro-commissioning algorithms
  • Ability to deploy machine learning algorithms to optimize the building
  • Customized KPIs and algorithms tuned to your building
  • Data to justify budget decisions based on performance
  • Custom dashboards for each building based on their specific challenges
  • Powerful visualizations and tools to guide your data interpretation and to drive optimizations
  • Ability to export operational building data to internal and external teams
  • Verification of third party work (vendor verification)
  • Optimization, functional testing, and sequencing of operations for all mechanical assets
  • Assessment and monitoring of control system usage and potential cyber-risks
  • Compatibility with PointGuard’s off-hours requests, tenant billing, and CapEx analysis add-on modules

Key features

Get faster discovery and analysis tools

  • The PointGuard Process for onboarding, data scrubbing, automated tagging, and tuning the software to your building
  • Useful visualizations and KPIs to allow for faster discovery and analysis
  • One click access to SkySpark trend data
  • Imbedded workflow management tool
  • Smart meter data and M&V tools
  • Standard algorithm and KPI package
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized dashboard
  • Quick profit tools
  • Fault analysis tools
  • Long-term asset analysis tools
  • Optimization tools
  • Critical equipment analysis
  • Sensor tracking
  • Control system configuration file analysis
  • Algorithm customization

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