PointGuard Pro+

PointGuard Pro+ is advanced software that focuses on mechanical asset retro-commissioning, optimization, and monitoring, as well as zone level comfort tuning and ASHRAE compliant airflow hygiene tools.

Who is it for

Helping time and budget constrained teams

Experienced engineers who want to use analytics to complement their work. And facilty teams or building owners with building portfolios that have high value tenants to keep happy or higher than average comfort complaints

The Result

Software that helps you find profit

Deep savings from retro-commissioning that finds and maintains all savings available in your targeted buildings

Key benefits to your team

Helps you focus on occupant comfort and airflow hygiene


All the Benefits of PointGuard RCx and PointGuard Pro, plus...


Ability to tune and optimize comfort delivery with custom algorithms and KPIs


Ability to track and tune humidity levels and air filtration


Integrate with smart building sensors for targeted improvements in specific zones (with space utilization)


Integration with PointGuard Goldilocks Tenant app (launching in 2021)

Key features

Get faster discovery and analysis tools

  • The PointGuard Process for onboarding, data scrubbing, automated tagging, and tuning the software to your building
  • Visualizations and KPIs to allow for faster discovery and analysis
  • One click access to SkySpark trend data
  • Embedded workflow management tool
  • Smart meter data and M&V tools
  • Advanced performance algorithms and KPI package
  • Comfort algorithms and KPI package
  • Airflow Hygiene algorithms and KPI package
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized dashboard
  • Quick profit tools
  • Fault analysis tools
  • Long term asset analysis
  • Optimization tools
  • Critical equipment analysis
  • Algorithm customization