PointGuard RCx

is an analytics software with tools and algorithms, built on top of Skyfoundry’s SkySpark trend data analysis.

Who is it for

Helping facility teams or consulting engineers leverage software

For engineers who have to manage retroommissioning projects across different control systems. For teams who want to use SkySpark but don’t want the hassle of programming the data. And for teams who do not have time to provide the analysis and insights for the buildings they serve

The Result

Software that turbo-charges traditional retro-comissioning

Deep savings from a continuous retro-commissioning process that finds and sustains all savings available in your targeted buildings

Key benefits to your team

Helping you provide scalable retro-commissioning services across many buildings and locations


Avoid wasted time in onboarding and programming SkySpark


Normalize data point names


Find, evaluate, prioritize, and remediate faults


Provide remote monitoring


Leverage limited time or talent of facility management teams


Help figuring out how to best prioritize your attention

Key features

RCx software with powerful fault detection and diagnostics tools

  • The PointGuard Process for data collection and onboarding
  • Data scrubbing and automated tagging
  • Data scrubbing and automated tagging
  • Building data storage for life of engagement
  • SkySpark trend data and rules configuration
  • SkySpark fault detection app
  • Basic fault detection algorithums package