Why is our new website worth your time?

PointGuard is building confidence. We stand out from the way we talk about what we do and how we look with bright, bold colors, but our solutions do more than any other on the market. And that’s why we redid our website.

Our website now stresses who we are and what we do so that you can easily see how our solutions can solve your problems, your stressors, your challenges.

Who are we? PointGuard is a facility management company that leverages existing building control systems to maximize the value and performance of mechanical equipment, increase occupant comfort, and extend asset life. PointGuard’s Facility Profit Process is an industry-leading service that makes sure your organization realizes the quickest path to profitable buildings, portfolio operations, and facility teams.

What do we do? PointGuard’s platform, via monitoring based retrocommissioning, provides real time transparency to equipment performance in buildings for instantly better decision making for maintenance and capital budgets - so one facility engineer can manage up to 20MM sqft strategically and effectively.

The new website focuses on the PointGuard Snapshot - our innovative way for you to get the proof of the value and impact of our software without the pain and strain of a pilot. We offer two modules: Performance (for proof of less than a one-year payback) and Airflow Hygiene (to let you know your building readiness to address concern in a post COVID world); pick the one that works best for you so you can see how our software works on your building, your data. Nothing hypothetical about it. Building confidence. After all, you can’t improve your building, operations, or budget without knowing where you are currently.

More visibility. More information. More confidence. It’s what you’ll see on every page on our website. It’s who we are.

What to check out

How we work. Follow the PointGuard journey and see our Clear Steps to Value.

Partners. See where we are uncovering and fixing issues before they become occupant complaints.

Blogs. Read the latest about PointGuard including our Proof Series - about why we are different from the competition.

Videos. Watch how we do what we do.

Our mission has been the same from day one:

PointGuard's mission is to provide scalable software that improves the builtworld's performance and to aid long term planetary health by reducing buildings' carbon footprint.

And our team embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and is dedicated to improving the performance of building portfolios and the owners and FM teams that serve them.

Ready to see more? Request a demo. We’ll talk to you soon!