Profit matters,
it always matters.

How it works

Go beyond energy data to dramatically improve comfort
asset life, and expense control of any portfolio.

Designed to Different

  • We are a platform that is independent and unbiased
  • We are hyper-focused on finding profit
  • Top 5 on features, bottom 5 on price
  • We are configurable, flexible, and scalable
  • Only provider with alternative to pilots
  • Only platform that supports energy, operations, and capital
  • Only platform that serves "basement to boardroom"

Clear Steps To Value

Do more. Save more. Start creating value today.


Attach seamlessly to building data and activate it for use.


Find faults and opportunities in building equipment.


Make improvements based on customized goals.


Manage work orders and customize reports.


Confirm improvements via proven & smart technology.


Stop problems long term with machine learning.

Savings Based on Science

PointGuard turbocharges the known value of traditional
retro-commissioning, turning the process into
monitoring-based commissioning.

Key Features

PointGuard is able to address concerns about COVID-19 and building repopulation with our Airflow Hygiene Snapshot.

  • Performance

  • Automated Fault Detection
  • Quick Prioritization Tools
  • Insightful Visualizations
  • Instant MCx Discovery Tools
  • Runtime Analysis Tools
  • Zone by Zone Comfort Analysis Tools
  • Critical Equipment Analysis
  • Airflow Quality Assessment
  • Energy

  • ENERGY STAR Reporting
  • Interval Utility Data
  • Site and Portfolio Level Energy Insights
  • Equipment Level Energy Metering
  • Project ROI Tools
  • Robust Benchmarking

We offer energy analytics as a stand alone option for buildings without a modern control system or that aren't yet using PointGuard's full platform.

  • Capex Prediction and Prevention
  • Work order management tools/API
  • Measurement and Verification tools
  • Configurable
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • CMMS integration
  • Customizable Rules

What is a fault?
It's an opportunity to improve.