Months ago we started the Proofs blogs - a way to cut through the clutter of promises and claims made by facility management software solutions and reveal what is truly different about PointGuard. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot. Plus there is the new pressure of repopulating buildings and keeping people safe.

The Proof blog series focuses on why PointGuard is different with some considerations of what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

While some of our competition may have one or more of these, they don’t have all of them, and they don’t do them as well as we do. We are Building Confidence.

The full set of the individual Proofs with links and a quick summary of each is below:

Proof #1: The Pilot Alternative

From time-consuming and difficult integrations between existing hardware and software to expensive budgetary considerations and binding contracts, finding the right solution can be intimidating. The PointGuard Snapshot will reveal the places and opportunities within your building to perform better, save more money, and do so permanently while costing less than a typical pilot and delivering results in 30 days.

Proof #2: A Referee for Less

An Impartial Referee. Referees are expected to be fair, unbiased, and independent of any outside influence, and software should be the same way. Unfortunately, many options available today for retrocomissioning, fault detection and diagnostics, condition-based maintenance and data analytics related to energy efficiency are not completely independent; they are owned by parent companies with bigger goals than your profit.

Proof #3: The Hunt for Buried Treasure

A real treasure map. Our #1 goal is to help facility teams discover profit in their building portfolios. We help teams look at building data to profit that can lay hidden in building operations. We provide clear paths and tools based on year of science to make finding savings a sure thing.

Proof #4: The Secret to Capitalism

You don’t need to pay more to get more. There is not a direct correlation between the price and the effectiveness of your software partner. We start by using what you already have: a building control system. No new equipment or sensors. We believe the secret to capitalism is to provide more for less, not less for more. And we have designed our service and prices accordingly.

Proof #5: Basement to Boardroom

PointGuard’s platform is built by facility engineers and is sophisticated in its functionality so that it can serve the entire building, yet simple and intuitive enough to serve an entire real estate team. It is the balance facility teams and portfolio owners need between strategic facility management tools and monitoring-based commissioning. We are data that drive a wrench as well as data that drives long term value in building ownership. From a simple user interface to intuitive and useful reports, the platform is handy across the entire organization from daily operational needs to executive ROI-related goals.

Proof #6: The Big Three: Energy, Operations, and Capital

PointGuard addresses your needs for energy efficiency, operational success, and capital expertise all in one place. PointGuard is a multiple point solution. With a built-in work order system, our platform keeps data centralized and easily accessible. We address preventative maintenance needs based on real time and historical performance data..

Proof #7: It comes back to Scale

As things grow, things change. No building or FM team is the same and solutions used today must be scalable so that can they continue to solve problems tomorrow. While there is no building too small to discover opportunities for profit, there is also no building too big as our solution is scalable, flexible, and configurable. Understanding that we amplify not replace local knowledge, PointGuard is configurable by our user.

PointGuard plain and simply makes your buildings better and in a different way from other choices. The burden of Proofs reveals this to be true beyond a reasonable doubt.

Facility teams are stretched thin these days and need more than ever assurances that new software is not going to add any pain and strain to their work. These same facility teams do not want to do “another” pilot. Pilots take too long, require too much commitment, and are too costly for technology they are not sure about. As a result, PointGuard developed the Snapshot, a quick way for owners to validate the value and impact of AFDD software using their own building and their own data.

The PointGuard Snapshot and the Airflow Hygiene report are set up remotely - no new hardware or complications to manage – and quickly provide just the feedback teams need to adopt AFDD software during this time. PointGuard Snapshot and the new Airflow Hygiene Report gives users and customers direct information about their building operations that they need to know now.
Not hypothetical, your data.
Not long term, just 30 days.
Not expensive, a nominal fee.

PointGuard is a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and professionals dedicated to delivering the best software and user experience in the built environment. The PointGuard team embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and is dedicated to improving the performance of building portfolios and the owners and FM teams that serve them.

We provide ROI within the first year in many cases and we care about our customers. Just ask them, we’d be happy to introduce you.

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