You know you want to try it but…

The market for facility management software solutions is a busy one. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot.

PointGuard wants to cut through the clutter and make this process easier for you. You want results, not an additional burden, and we understand that. Because of this, we have a blog series about why PointGuard is different than the others. We’re calling this series the “Proofs” as they will provide authentic validation on what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

It’s been said that the secret to capitalism is not less for more but more for less. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, everyone loves a good deal.

But how does that relate to software platforms that concentrate on building operations and performance? It does in the way that you don’t need to pay more to get more. There is not a direct correlation between the price and the effectiveness of your software partner.

Buildings can be serviced and optimized with the right intelligence. This intelligence comes through monitoring data, looking at trend analysis, and using facts to make decisions about what happens next for operational and capital improvements.

A problem with the pricing structures of many software platforms is a direct result of their origin story and the basis of their knowledge and experience. Venture-backed companies recognize an opportunity for disruption in commercial real estate and created solutions using a playbook and lingo more designed for themselves than for how FM teams work and how buildings operate.

Facility teams need software designed by engineers for engineers and can deliver the good without costly “solutions” that may have worked elsewhere.

PointGuard approached the problems of buildings from another angle - a question of how can we do more with less. How can we make buildings operate better with less negative impact on the world’s health and while keeping it within budget? How can we discover profit for building owners? How can we empower FM teams to manage buildings via total and complete data and while in remote locations?

We took our background in engineering and our understanding of energy, building systems and building performance and created an essential system based on monitoring-based retrocommissioning. The value gained from our platform is not represented by our price; we are a small financial investment that results in big and permanent capital gains. We are continuously working to make our platform even better through close partnerships with users - the ongoing feedback loop of their comments and suggestions is immediately discussed and implemented into our product roadmap. We are a strong tool that is preferred by our users, not a gimmick that is represented by a black hole on financial statements.

Just ask our users:

“It’s nice going into a tenant space to proactively address an issue your service discovered. It happily surprises them to hear we cared enough to come fix something they hadn’t complained about… yet!” - Bryan Moses, Chief Engineer, Colliers International

PointGuard prides itself on being what you and your building need with options to be what you and your building want. We are baseline priced at a point that doesn’t become an obstacle with budgeting, either for 2020 or planning for 2021, so that you can instantly discover faults that double as an opportunity for profit. Our customers make back what they invested in PointGuard within a year. We guarantee* it.

Join us for our next webinar, “Extraordinary Times Require Remote Measures.” We’re offering it on three dates so you can find the time that best fits your schedule and can participate in the discussion with a live Q&A. Learn more and register here.

*Guarantee based on managed service options. Contact us for more information.

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