You know you want to try it but…

The market for facility management software solutions is a busy one. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot.

PointGuard wants to cut through the clutter and make this process easier for you. You want results, not an additional burden, and we understand that. Because of this, we have a blog series about why PointGuard is different than the others. We’re calling this series the “Proofs” as they will provide authentic validation on what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

New concerns are rising from the basement to the boardroom after COVID-19 removed all sense of routine from building operations. These concerns are not isolated to commercial real estate buildings but are shared by educational buildings, government offices, medical facilities, retail shops, and the entire hospitality industry. In each of these places, extra diligence in operations is being considered from engineers and facility managers to service providers and large portfolio owners.

The answer to these concerns and other common building issues can be found through transparency. Data from buildings needs to be accessible and understood for the various roles of all stakeholders.

PointGuard’s platform is built by facility engineers and is sophisticated in its functionality so that it can serve the entire building, yet simple and intuitive enough to serve an entire real estate team. It is the balance facility teams and portfolio owners need between strategic facility management tools and monitoring-based commissioning. From a simple user interface to intuitive and useful reports, the platform is handy across the entire organization from daily operational needs to executive ROI-related goals. After all, at the end of the day, everybody wants data and proof of what can be done and has been done to improve building operations.

PointGuard can provide the information you need from your building’s data. Our data is configurable, tuned, and detailed for the most precise FM needs. PointGuard’s solution follows the six steps to value: activate, detect, determine, manage, verify, prevent. We also follow up with a powerful training program called The Facility Profit process. The goal is for facility teams to be able to add value as quickly as possible using our software. The PointGuard platform was built on these steps and continues to operate on them every day.

Why do we care so much about this? Because HVAC systems are the #1 building operational expense and have a dramatic impact on occupant health and productivity. Fortunately, these systems continuously create data about their actual performance; but if no one is paying attention to the data, it's worthless. PointGuard fills in the gap, delivering results to the facility teams that keep the trains running on time as well as other stakeholders such as Property managers and Asset managers with our innovative reports focusing on CapEX, Comfort, and Measurement and Verification.

This data is also essential to the Real Estate C-suite that may be skeptical of the value of real-time facility management software. PointGuard tackles this concern head-on with our powerful Impact report, which shows exactly how much value facility teams are delivering to the boardroom.

The PointGuard platform is unique because it is built to be foolproof no matter the expertise of the team using it or the complexity of the data fed into it, you'll discover the results you need. It is truly software that can deliver from the basement to the boardroom

Ready to learn more about what PointGuard’s Platform or the 30-day Snapshot can do for your building operations? You don’t need to do a pilot to have proof of our impact. Contact us.

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