You know you want to try it but…

The market for facility management software solutions is a busy one. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot.

PointGuard wants to cut through the clutter and make this process easier for you. You want results, not an additional burden, and we understand that. Because of this, we have a blog series about why PointGuard is different than the others. We’re calling this series the “Proofs” as they will provide authentic validation on what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

The idea of discovering something highly valuable but challenging to find has been idolized and romanticized around the world for generations. From stories about princesses hidden in castle towers to pirates searching the seas for buried treasure, part of the appeal of these happy ending stories is the nonstop perseverance towards a goal.

We have taken this to heart. Recognition of a team member persevering has been mentioned many times on our daily video check-ins while we forge forward during challenges from COVID-19. We are dedicated to our clients and in a time where everyone is watching their expenses and looking for ways to reduce them, our focus of finding profit is welcomed with open arms from both current customers and those reaching out asking for help.

At PointGuard, our #1 goal is to help facility teams discover profit in their building portfolios. We help teams look at building data to find their treasure chest. There are many projected paths to try to save money but unknowns are guaranteed to impede progress and often force those off course towards other distractions. We help you persevere through these challenges and keep focused on your end goal.

The processes in facilities maintenance and management are not new; there is a team of people that keep the building running in the best condition possible off of information that is relayed to them via mechanical equipment. Technology has evolved the method of data reception from manually checking equipment and analyzing trends via hand-drawn data points to one that can be primarily remote thanks to cloud-based software listening to building systems.

In fact, we’re hosting a webinar later this month that will deep-dive into ways to run building operations from a remote location, whether by necessity or preference. We look forward to sharing our proven tips and offering our services to help, along with special discounts and offers!, in a time where stress is high and budgets are tight.

Learn more about the webinar and register here.

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