You know you want to try it but…

The market for facility management software solutions is a busy one. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot.

PointGuard wants to cut through the clutter and make this process easier for you. You want results, not an additional burden, and we understand that. Because of this, we have a blog series about why PointGuard is different than the others. We’re calling this series the “Proofs” as they will provide authentic validation on what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

As things grow, things change. Services that are used for a niche purpose must be flexible enough to incorporate changes in software used in building equipment so that services installed and trusted can continue to earn the loyalty of their users.

Another aspect of scalability is in custom configuration. No team is the same. No building is the same. The unique combination of software connections, historical knowledge of FM teams, hardware versions, and custom performance and comfort needs cannot be treated as blanket standards.

Months ago we wrote a blog about the individuality of building and FM teams called “Is Your Building a Snowflake.”

“Like snowflakes, they take their own shape, occupy their own space, and react to the world in their own way. Also, like the delicate snowflake, they are constantly in a state of changing, decaying, adapting, or building upon themselves. Unlike snowflakes, buildings are much more than what meets the eye, so they require a lot of work by experts to fully understand their condition.” - Shannon Smith, Founder & CEO, PointGuard

PointGuard has integrated these elements of Scale into our platform since the beginning. While there is no building too small to discover opportunities for profit, there is also no building too big as our solution is scalable, flexible, and configurable. We listen to your FM teams and your HVAC systems to get the data and information you need to make your buildings better, more efficient, and more healthy for occupants. Fortunately, it is easier than ever before to get the information you need out of the data you have because of advances in computing and technology that is both accessible and inexpensive.

The PointGuard platform pays attention to the last mile. We were created by engineers for engineers, we understand the battle on the ground. Because we were built with roots in building science and the true functionality of buildings, our platform eliminates false positives when searching for profit opportunities. Our data turns a wrench. We balance the technological advances of Palo Alto with the realities of facility management today. Our platform amplifies the user’s knowledge with effectiveness.

The PointGuard platform is the magnifying glass that takes the guesswork out of what’s happening in your building today. If you are curious but want to avoid the pain and strian of a pilot, try the PointGuard Snapshot. Faster, inexpensive, and more insightful. Your building, your data, and 30 days will give you the proof you need that the opportunity is real.

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