You know you want to try it but…

The market for facility management software solutions is a busy one. With buzz words floating around so much that they’ve lost their meaning, it can be so overwhelming to start the journey that it continuously gets pushed off to later. Budgets are tight, it is hard to get buy-in and often the only choice is an expensive, time-consuming pilot.

PointGuard wants to cut through the clutter and make this process easier for you. You want results, not an additional burden, and we understand that. Because of this, we have a blog series about why PointGuard is different than the others. We’re calling this series the “Proofs” as they will provide authentic validation on what you need to look for in a software solution, and why PointGuard might be the perfect fit.

We know you’re not looking for something else to do at work. You don’t want additional responsibilities, something else to monitor, a new report to create, or another login to remember. We know this is a common problem with FM tech stacks - for everything you need, there’s another piece of technology.

We made it easier. PointGuard addresses your needs for energy efficiency, operational success, and capital expertise all in one place.

PointGuard is a multiple point solution. With a built-in work order system, our platform keeps data centralized and easily accessible. We address preventative maintenance needs based on real time and historical performance data. With this information, we’re able to deliver capital reports like budgeting and forecasting with precise accuracy. And, we do this all from day one - there is no slow ramp up for you to get what you need from the platform.

As James Dice has written in his popular buildings newsletter, the industry needs to demand more detailed actions and data at the equipment level. Kilowatts don’t tell us how equipment is running, they just tell us how much they’re costing. Energy savings is a form of pattern recognition and the right data analysis tools are able to flag breaks in the pattern - immediately impacting energy savings, operational processes, and capital expenditure.

We believe information silos are bad for buildings. Building systems impact the performance of each other whether it be as obvious as HVAC equipment heating one side of a room and cooling the other or smart window shades opening in error during the heat of the day, causing sensor readings to show abnormally high temperatures and shutting off the heat for the entire floor. This information is a must for energy, operations, and capital planning.

The PointGuard Platform is a treasure chest of tools ready for use. Buildings that have a large CMMS integrate into our platform, cutting out redundancy and making use of the large data pools within them. The more data accessible by our analytics tools, the better your results will be. When these tools are used in tandem, instead of operating in isolation, the sum of their parts is greater than the whole.

You’ve heard it before - our platform operates as a single pane of glass for you to see precisely how your building is running and where opportunities to discover profit are. Many of our competitors use the same language but very few of them have all the tools, that is what makes us different.

Like our Proof #4: The Secret to Capitalism, you don’t need to pay more to get more. PointGuard’s platform mines the data you need to meet your goals in the areas of energy, operations, and capital.

PointGuard created the Snapshot to show you what’s happening now so you can plan for what’s next. The PointGuard Snapshot reveals the places and opportunities within your building to perform better, save more money, and do so permanently. We do this in the areas of Building Performance and Airflow Hygiene.

The Snapshot is the right place to start your journey toward building confidence in your building. Request more information here and we’ll give you a call.

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